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ICON Airframe Pro/Airform/Airmada Pinlock Insert Lens


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Pinlock Lens



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ICON Airframe Pro/Airform/Airmada Optics Pinlock Insert Lens

Clear and Dark Smoke Lenses - The Pinlock® visor insert is made out of a material that contains moisture absorbing properties, which reacts like a sponge and absorbs moisture effectively. The inner part of the Pinlock® is lined with a silicon bead, which creates a double glazed window type of effect when the Pinlock® visor insert is attached to the helmet visor. The pocket of air that is trapped in between the visors acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. Efficient absorption properties combined with the double glazed like feature, the Pinlock® visor insert is the most effective, durable and affordable anti-fog solution on the market.

ProtecTint® - From clear to light smoke in a matter of seconds.The Pinlock ProtecTINT insert lens react to UV light by darkening its tint color automatically while keeping your helmet face shield fog-free at the same time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not fit the Airframe model. It only fits the ICON models; Airframe PRO, Airform and Airmada. You may check the model name on the back of your helmet.

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