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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Nov 17th 2022

Whether you're an early holiday shopper or one who waits until the last moment, you know you want to give a meaningful and special gift. There's nothing worse than knowing the gift you've selected is falling flat.

If you have passionate motorcycle riders in your life, you already have an opportunity to zero in on their passion by getting the perfect gift.

Who doesn't love to get a gift that supports a hobby or interest they love? Read on for the best gift ideas for the motorcycle rider in your life, including motorcycle gear and motorcycle accessories.

SCOSCHE TerraClamp Phone Mount

In today's technology-driven world, you rarely find yourself without your phone. You may even need it for music, safety, and information when you're out on the open road.

Yet, you don't want to stop to pull a phone out of your pocket to get what you need. The SCOSCHE TerraClamp phone clamp is the perfect solution.

It clamps to your bike's handlebar and securely holds your phone while traveling out on the road.

Bike Drink Holder

You've probably experienced it yourself. You make a stop on your bike and grab something to drink, only to have to throw it out once you're ready to hit the road again.

Maybe you just like to have water with you all the time. You need to add the Kruzer Kaddy Kan-Do Cup Holder as an accessory on your bike.

It can hold up to a 20-ounce bottle and comes with multiple foam liners to help keep your drink at the right temperature while you travel.

Heated Riding Gear

It would be great if it could also be 70 degrees and sunny when you ride. The reality is that isn't the case. Some riders even enjoy riding in colder temperatures.

One great gift idea is to outfit your motorcycle rider in heated gear so they can enjoy a ride in nearly any weather and stay warm simultaneously.

Heated gear comes with various glove options, jackets, and pants. The best part, they use a variety of options for keeping them charged, so they can keep you warm when you need it.

Bluetooth Helmet Intercom

If you're looking for a special gift, you might get your motorcycle rider a Bluetooth helmet intercom.

The intercom and speaker system can become a part of your helmet and allow you to communicate easily while on the road.

Maybe you answer a call or communicate with a rider.

The Bluetooth-enabled system operates with one click, also keeping safety at the forefront.

Bike Storage Bags

If you have a motorcycle rider in your life who likes to hit the open road and travel via their bike, they also need to take some gear.

You can't go wrong gifting them bike storage bags, including a backpack, helmet bag, and dry bags for gear.

There are various gear options that vary in size and how you attach them to the bike.

Hightail Hair Protector

It's the conundrum of more than one motorcycle rider. You wear the helmet for safety. Yet, you can already guess the condition of your hair when you take that helmet back off.

This is especially true for riders who have long hair. Help your rider look great after the helmet comes off with an assortment of hightail hair protector options.

Alpinestars Tech 5 Air System

The statistics are against you as a motorcycle rider. You know you want to keep your loved one safe as the highest priority.

Won't it give you and your rider peace of mind when they ride with the Alpinestars Tech 5 Air System, which is like a wearable airbag?

It provides the protection needed if you get hit.

Bluetooth Helmet

Regarding safety, why not give your motorcycle rider a new helmet that includes all the bells and whistles? They are going to go crazy when they open their new helmet with built-in Bluetooth technology.

One great option is the Sena Outrush R Helmet. This modular motorcycle helmet provides optimal safety and includes the best Bluetooth technology built right into the helmet.

Motorcycle Boots

If you're gift-giving to a biker, you already know they love their motorcycle boots. It's one of the items for a biker that they can never have enough of.

Maybe they have a pair of boots they ride with all the time, and you want to update. Maybe you get them a new pair of boots in a new style.

Whichever you choose, this will surely become a beloved part of their ride attire.

Photochromatic Motorcycle Glasses

For a rider, right behind a great helmet and boots come good glasses to ride in.

Not only can you keep their eyes safe while riding, but you can also up their look too. Consider gifting the very cool Bobster Fat Boy Sunglasses Photochromic Clear Lens.

These Fast and Furious, Fat Boy sunglasses come with the latest and best lens technology. They feature anti-fog, polycarbonate lenses, which are effective for various riding and light conditions.

Balaclavas and Bandanas

For a more inexpensive add-on gift for your motorcycle rider, consider a balaclava or bandana for their head.

They help to control hair blowing while riding, and the balaclavas can help keep them warm too.

They come in various weights depending on the temperature the rider is out in. But don't worry; they are thin enough to fit under the rider's helmet.

Action Camera

Your motorcycle rider can capture all their biking adventures using the Sena 50C Motorcycle Communication and 4K Camera System or the Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Camera and Communication Systems.

This allows for capturing high-resolution photos and videos while moving along on the bike.

Using the best in-action technology when the ride is complete, the photos and videos can easily transfer to the rider's phone, tablet, or computer. This can be completed with a wireless connection and wifi or a wired connection and a USB port.

Motorcycle Cover

There might be a way to make your motorcycle rider happy even when not riding.

Consider gifting them a motorcycle cover to keep their bike protected and dry when they aren't riding.

GloveTacts V3 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

If you've ever worn gloves and tried to use your phone, you know those touchscreens don't work well with a glove on.

Save your rider the trouble of taking gloves on and off. Add this small gift to their package. They can use the GloveTacts V3 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads, which attach right to the tips of the gloves, so the touchscreens are not a problem to use with the glove still on.

Make the Motorcycle Riders in Your Life Happy With One of These Great Gift Ideas

A motorcycle owner is almost always a motorcycle enthusiast who will greatly appreciate any one of these unique gift ideas.

Make the motorcycle riders in your life happy gift-getters with one of these choices.

Check out more information for the biking enthusiast on your blog page, including some of the best helmet options on the market.